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SO, KIM JAEJOONG IS AN ADOPTED CHILD!!!O____O This is so shocking! and the more shocking thing is that his biological father is filing a lawsuit against his adoptive parents demanding a paternity test  and to get custody of Jae after almost 20 years of absentation from Jae's life!?!?? WTF!!!!!!! 
The News' spreading everywhere on the newspapers and websites. Can't he just try to solve this issue privately with everyone involved? Has he even had a nice and long talk with Jae, I wonder! Why does he have to make it publicly, as the boys haven't had enough chaos lately!!!! OH, man!!! x_x

Jae's life is like a soap opera! I suppose he's fine cause he's strong! Boy, isn't he special!? He surprises me to no end!
Yeah, this piece of shocking news did give me an excuse for a break from my disgustingly, endlessly, headwhacking workload! Haven't been here for loooonnnngg! Everyone's doing well?! ^___^

061122 Jaejoong's Relay Diary

Hi, This is Yeong-woong Jaejoong.
Looking around, we can feel autumn,
from beautifully tinged autumnal trees.
It has already passed middle of autumn. ^^

Now, TVXQ has already  had two months of promotion
for the third album “O”-正.反.合.".
On the stages singing joyful songs,
I could feel that your love has been even more deepened (than before),
and I also want get closer to you.

Last week, in the Autumn Trip with you,
I felt a kind of....
easiness and composure of mind...

It was always we who prepared performances for fans.
But last week, we were the audience,
watching and enjoying your various performances,
so my mind was contendedly full with happiness.

I preciously keep the happy moments in my mind:
the moment that you guys carefully listened to us when we talked,
the moment that you ate those side dishes which we(TVXQ members) gave out,
and also the moment that we took pictures altogether, sharing our feeling about the trip!

It was such a joyful time that I keep in mind.
I hope to have a chance again with all of you! ^^

Yesterday, I thought about really many things all day long.

I have real parents,
but it is a memory when I was young,
so I didn't know any detail.

After I came to know my real mother,
I kept in contact with her quite often,
and my real parents and adoptive parents have had good relationship.

I don't know very well whether the lawsuit that my real father started is serious enought to lead to a trial,
but I am TVXQ's Kim Jae-joong at present, and hope to live as Kim Jae-joong in the future, too.
So I will be a good son for both of two parents,
and I hope all of them have a good relationship.

The whether is very coprisious.
Get a preventive injection so that you would not catch a cold,
and please keep loving TVXQ album!!!

One more,
you guys know that we also love "you are my miracle",  the song you really love, don't you? *^^*

<Money Today Star News>

reported by  star@mtstarnews.com

The sad family story of Yeongwoong Jaejoong, a member of TVXQ
who has the biggest influence on teenagers in Korea has been revealed.
Mr. Han, who insists himself as Jaejoong's real father,
submitted a lawsuit against his adoptive parents on November 1st.

In the afternoon on November 22nd,
Hero Jaejoong expressed his mind,
"I knew the fact some years ago that I have real parents who gave me a name "Han Jae-joon.
I have been in good relationships with both of adoptive parents and real mother,
so I think the present is more important than the past.
I want to stay as Kim Jaejoong as I have been always,
and want to live as Kim Jae-joong in the future.
I hope  both of parents love each other as if they were family."

On 21nd, after the news was released that the lawsuit to clarify his real parents,
Hero Jaejoong in the waiting room of KBS kept scilence.
He looked a little bit dark but was smiling, touching his cellular phone,
but he must have hold his tears back.

Hero Jaejoong, only 20 year old guy, had to stand on the stage with splendid lightening.
He had to sing in front of thousands of audience, dressing up greatly,
and had to dance with other members.
At that moment, being an entertainer is a luxurious, but sad thing to be.

We already have seen stars confessing sad family stories in tears.
In Octobor, Micky Yuchun, Hero's team member, also confessed divorce of his parents
and shed tears, saying,
" I don't want to go back to America,
even though all others regards it as a dreamland."
Jun Jin of Xinhua also wept,
talking about how his adoptive mother helped him to find his real mother.

But, Hero's case is a little bit different
except for the fact that they share sad family history.
Micky and Jun Jin confessed it themselves,
while Hero Jaejoong's case was reported by media and others,
without any time for him to prepare for let people know it.
His story was revealed by others in an instant.

Most netizens think Hero's story is so heartbreaking;
His privacy was not protected, only because he is an entertainer,
and his family story, which he might have not wanted to publicize, was revealed.
Some people take Hero's story just as a gossip,
but we have to have a wisdom to pass over this kind of story of stars.
What we need from stars is  not "sad family story" but their singing or acting.

Credits: heroshock.net

I will always pray for you, my angel! Wish you a happy and smoother life, although you don't believe fate and both of us are antitheist.

I always wanted to adopt him!
P.S  I wonder if the other four knew about this all along or just discovered this time.
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