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OMG! I can't believe that I'm here again!!

Like what I said on the title, I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M HERE AGAIN! 

I thought I would never ever get on this site for the rest of my life==; 

So, today is my lucky day, must write down something, cause I never know when is the next time for me to open this site again!

And Happy Birthday to charlie_rose27 ^__^ You are my lucky friend! 

New Year Break


I'm on my New Year break now, that's why I'm having time mumbling here. So, I wish everybody a Happy new year whether you celebrate this holiday or not, (the Koreans celebrate Spring Festival as well^^) and I miss you all!


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my beauties in my flist!^____^ 

Stolen from elunia ^^;

OMG!!! O_O

OMG!!! O___O  
So, he's fine now, has the energy flirting with little Min on the stage! ^^ or is this event before his sickness? Anyway, they are on TOO many shows, and I can't follow them!
Time for bed, and Hi~~ everyone^____^


SO, KIM JAEJOONG IS AN ADOPTED CHILD!!!O____O This is so shocking! and the more shocking thing is that his biological father is filing a lawsuit against his adoptive parents demanding a paternity test  and to get custody of Jae after almost 20 years of absentation from Jae's life!?!?? WTF!!!!!!! 
The News' spreading everywhere on the newspapers and websites. Can't he just try to solve this issue privately with everyone involved? Has he even had a nice and long talk with Jae, I wonder! Why does he have to make it publicly, as the boys haven't had enough chaos lately!!!! OH, man!!! x_x

Jae's life is like a soap opera! I suppose he's fine cause he's strong! Boy, isn't he special!? He surprises me to no end!
Yeah, this piece of shocking news did give me an excuse for a break from my disgustingly, endlessly, headwhacking workload! Haven't been here for loooonnnngg! Everyone's doing well?! ^___^

I always wanted to adopt him!
P.S  I wonder if the other four knew about this all along or just discovered this time.

OMG!!!!! Junsu!!!!!


Someone at DBSGComm told me to go get surgery today. x_x  I mean, What the F**k!! I know I'm not gorgeous enough, but I definitely don't need a plastic surgery-_-  PISSED!!! 
So, this is what I get from eventually decided to share something in the community after a long absent!? 

Anyway, what a lame update.  

Nov. 1st, 2006

Is it possible for one person to do more than two persons' jobs? especially in a Real Estate company where everything is so strictly calculated by quality, deadlines and many many other things? and I'm not experienced in this industry at all! Not to meantion all these complicated workflows, so time and nerve consuming!-_-

DEADLINE, DEADLINE, AND I'M SO DEAD!!! *ghost talking now* I miss my fandom so much! *ghost whispering* I'm working more than 13 hours per day recently! think about it, the boys are working more hours than me everyday. *ghost sighing* but they don't miss me, and I MISS THEM! x.x